We Choose Invisalign: Your Smile is NOT a DIY Project









If you’ve looked into aligning your teeth or straightening your smile lately, you’ve probably seen the many options for clear-looking aligners.

While DIY projects are awesome for crafting, they may not be the best option for your dental care or aligning your smile. Let’s discuss why We Choose Invisalign for our patients.

Clear aligners are great alternatives to traditional braces and allow you to straighten your smile discreetly – without the look and feel of traditional metal braces. You might then wonder – “Is every type of clear aligner as effective as the other?” or “Is Invisalign more effective than other companies?” Let’s do some comparing and see how other treatments stack up in comparison to Invisalign on the Comparison Chart.

Advantages for Invisalign – Guidance and Support from Your Dentist 

While there are multiple DIY options for clear aligners, Invisalign offers something that the competitors don’t – guidance and dental supervision! Invisalign offers specific advantages that other aligners don’t:

  • In-person consultations with real dentists
  • All Invisalign aligners are made from SmartTrack material
  • Each aligner is precisely trimmed to your gum line for optimum comfort and fit

So, we choose Invisalign because it offers better outcomes, simply due to the fact that we can monitor your progress and make any needed changes in our dental office. With DIY aligners, there’s no dental supervision, meaning that results can vary and it may take longer to achieve a straighter smile.

Learn more about The Invisalign Difference:.

DIY Clear Aligner Problems

With other clear aligners:

  • The patient is responsible for doing all their own photos and impressions
  • The patient must make sure they’re getting routine care from a dentist
  • The dentist is working remotely so there is no physical interaction from your dentist. This means that the remote dentist must rely only on photos to look at progress, which is much more difficult than in-person exams.
  • Any kind of composite attachment or buttons are not possible when doing clear aligners on your own at home.

Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club: Are Invisalign and Smile Direct the Same Thing?

Both Invisalign and Smile Direct offer patients clear plastic aligners that allow for:

  • Convenience: Clear aligners are easy to wear, remove, and clean. They don’t disrupt your normal eating habits or your day.
  • Invisibility: Unlike traditional braces that can be embarrassing, Invisalign and Smile Direct offer clear aligners that are virtually invisible to the eye.
  • Less Pain: Clear aligners are known to be less painful than the metal and wire brackets involved in traditional braces.

So… What’s the Difference?

The difference between Invisalign vs Smile Direct lies in the treatment process.

Read more about the difference according to Life Health HQ HERE and below:

  • The Invisalign process begins with a consult with your dentist, and from there, your treatment plan is formulated. Basically, Invisalign is administered, monitored, and sold by dental professionals only.
  • Smile Direct is a remote teledensitry program, meaning that you will not meet with a trained professional. It is more of a “DIY” at-home approach to clear aligners, and you’ll be responsible for creating your own teeth molds and monitoring your progress – no dental follow-ups are provided.

Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club: Cheaper isn’t always better  

While Smile Direct aligners may be cheaper, due to their DIY nature, they’re not as reliable as Invisalign due to the fact that a dental professional isn’t monitoring your progress, making any necessary corrections or altering your treatment, if necessary. In fact, The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) have put out a consumer alert regarding Smile Direct and other DIY clear aligners.  The AAO has also issued a statement that Smile Direct Club is in violation of dental practice statutes. Therefore, we choose Invisalign, because it is the safer and most promising option when it comes to clear aligners.

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We Choose Invisalign 

These are some major disadvantages to DIY clear aligners, and Invisalign offers great, in-person interaction that makes having clear aligners as effective as possible! We choose Invisalign because our dentists can make sure your progress is working, and make any adjustments throughout your time of wearing Invisalign.

If you are seeking a way to straighten your teeth, without barriers to your confidence and lifestyle, contact our team for information about Invisalign clear braces or schedule your consultation at one of our Kansas City offices. Trust your smile with the Invisalign experts at Thomas L. Anderson, DDS and Associates. Call 816-373-4440 to schedule your smile consultation today.

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