Are you searching for a Plaza Dentist?

plaza-dentist-1.jpgIf you are a resident in the Kansas City Metro area, then you must know and love ourCountry Club Plaza

The Plaza is not only stunningly beautiful, but home to many upscale shopping and dining facilities.  We all know taking time out of your day to visit a dentist is not always on the top of people’s list of priorities or fun things to do, but when visiting our Plaza dentist, it gives you a chance to reward yourself after your appointment. 

Finally you are able to make a day out of going to the dentist!  You are easily able to access restaurants such as, Capital Grill, Brio, Season’s 52, The Cheesecake Factory, and many more.  Need to do a little shopping after your dental appointment?  We are located not far from stores such as, Anthropologie, Barnes and Noble, the Better Cheddar, and the list goes on and on and on!  What is better than a little dining or shopping after a dental appointment?  It is so easy to do if you choose our Plaza dentists

The Country Club Plaza was built in 1922 by J.C. Nichols, and it is named in the Project for Public Spaces list “60 of the World’s greatest places”.  It was the first shopping center designed for automobile access, making it the longest running successful shopping center in the country.  Plaza dentist Thomas L. Anderson has been practicing in the Plaza Time Building on Nichols Road for over 20 years, matching the same reputation of long time success with an upscale experience.  While other dentists have come and gone, Thomas L. Anderson and Associates has remained a staple of the Plaza dentist community. 

J.C. Nichols used his traveling experiences in Europe to design the Country Club Plaza.  He chose a Spanish theme of courtyards, stucco buildings, handpicked antique statues, and beautiful fountains to adorn our precious landmark.  Plaza dentist Thomas Anderson has followed suit by creating smiles that are truly pieces of art.  Most dentists use mass production labs giving their patients restorations that don’t look natural and are ill fitting, causing bigger problems down the road.  We use a boutique laboratory that makes the most natural, perfect fit restorations there are.  ACR Dental Artworks Inc. (Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Reconstructive) works very close with our team, making sure each restoration is a perfect fit, with perfect anatomy.  This makes the visit faster and easier for the patient, giving the most natural looking restoration with the most longevity.  Dental Artworks is the perfect phrase for our lab, as ACR’s restorations match the beauty of even our J.C. Nichols fountain!  

After J.C. Nichols passed away in 1950 his son took over the family business following his father’s philosophy that people desire a better place and will take pride in it.  This Plaza dentist follows the same guidelines in his practice.  Nobody wants to go to a stuffy dental office where they are treated less than special.  We believe in customer service above all.  Creating a better dental experience for our patients is a priority for us, and we take a lot of pride in the fact that we are able to create that for our patients.  The services we offer our patients is gentle and cutting edge, using only the best labs the area has to offer, and our dentists have a light touch keeping you from returning home sore. 

family-dentist-1.jpgWe strive to create a dental experience that surpasses your expectations for a dental office.  We provide complementary paraffin hand dips, a variety of movies and music videos to view during your appointment, and lots of patient promotions and games throughout the year.    You can enter our pumpkin carving contest in October, and win up to $200 in prizes and AMC movie passes!  We always enjoy the talent and creativity our patients bring to our Scary Smile pumpkin carving contest.  Also in December we conduct a food drive for Harvesters, for every food item a patient brings in we enter them in a raffle to win a credit on their account to help cover their dental needs.  We are proud of this event because it gives us a chance to help our community’s hungry, while helping our patients pay for their dental needs.  Even our children’s toy chest outshines other Plaza dentists.  Our toy chests are not filled with boring stickers, and spinning tops.  We give the kiddos the toys they really want like water guns, kites, silly putty, and bubbles!  We keep our kid’s treasure chest so stocked with fun toys that even the older kids go running to get their prize after their appointment!

If you are looking for a Plaza dentist you have found your forever dental home with Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and AssociatesMake an appointment at our Country Club Plaza location today, where the beautiful fountains of The Plaza continue all the way to our relaxing reception room!