Are you looking for convenient dental care?


Your search for a new dentist ends here at Dr. Thomas L. Anderson and Associates. We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve convenient dental care.  Our experienced and talented doctors are committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable stress-free, and rewarding dental experience at every visit.  Dr. Anderson has been practicing in the Kansas City metro area for nearly thirty years, and has three locations in the Kansas City area.  Our offices are located on the Country Club Plaza, Downtown Kansas City, and in the Independence/ Lee’s Summit areas. 

With our office locations in different parts of town, it makes getting convenient dental care easier than ever! Imagine you are at lunch with friends and you crunch into your sandwich and chip a tooth, what do you do?  You are far away from your home and neighborhood dentist and you need the pain to go away fast!  So you google “Dentist near me” and without fail Dr. Anderson and Associates comes up on your search, and you find we take same day emergency visits.  We get you taken care of fast and back to the rest of your day without any hassles.  You see no matter where you are in the Kansas City metro area we are always near you when you need us!

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We are efficient in all aspects of dentistry from endodontics, oral surgery, implants, invisalign, and complete smile make overs.  Having a beautiful smile is one of the best things you can give yourself, and your family.  Even if you were born with a less than perfect smile, with a little bit of effort and the help from our friendly dental team, you can turn your smile into your best accessory! 

For many patients the most important factor in selecting their dentist is whether or not they participate with their dental insurance.  So they might search things like “dentist near me that accepts MetLife” or “dentist near me that accepts Cigna”.  Nobody wants to pay out of pocket for their routine teeth cleanings, and that is why our offices participate with all major dental insurance companies.  Our knowledgeable front office staff individually researches each of our patient’s personal plans to make sure every procedure is covered and that our patients are aware of their copays prior to the treatment with no secret costs! Dental insurance plans can be very confusing, and some dental offices consider it the patient’s responsibility to know how their benefits work.  We believe convenient dental care includes doing all that pesky research for our patients, so they can just relax and enjoy their appointment. 

Thomas L. Anderson and Associates is a multiple dentist Kansas City office.  We have four doctors, three locations, and flexible hours that work with even the busiest schedules.  We are always taking new patients, and setting up treatment plans that keep them smiling brightly for a lifetime.  If you are in need of convenient dental care, please make an appointment with one of our friendly dentists today.  After being examined, our staff will give you all the tools you need to get your oral health the healthiest it can be!

“An ordinary dental office with an extraordinary team will always be infinitely more successful than providing extraordinary dentistry delivered by an ordinary team.”

–Howard Farran, DDS, MBA