Are you looking for a Country Club Plaza Dentist?


Looking for a new Country Club Plaza dentist? There are many things to consider when you’re looking for a new dentist. After all, the dentist/patient relationship is often the longest relationship you will find in healthcare. It is important that you find a dentist that is up to your standards!

If you’re looking for a new Country Club Plaza dentist, use our simple checklist to make sure you find a dental team that works for you and your family.


  • Where are they located? Convenience is key in today’s world. For most people, finding a dentist close to home, school, or work is key, but for the right dentist, most people will drive a bit out of the way.
  • What are the office hours? It is important to make sure the office hours work for you, you are they one who must keep the appointment. You should also check with them on how they handle emergency dental care.
  • How do they handle payment? If you’re going through an insurance company, this may limit the number of dentists you can consider. Also keep in mind that your dentist is here to help you make an informed decision based on your dental needs, not on an insurance policy. His or her relationship should be with you-not the insurance provider.
  • When is the next available appointment? It is normal for a good dental office to booked out for a few months, but you should not have to wait more than six months to see the dentist.


  • How does the office feel to you? You should enter and office that is clean and orderly. The reception area should provide a comfortable atmosphere.
  • How are you treated by the office staff? This should include the entire office staff. Were you greeted by the reception team? Did you find them friendly and helpful?
  • How thorough was your examination? A first visit should be more than a quick glimpse and cleaning. Did your potential new dentist spend some time learning about you and your dental history? Did the dentist take the time to make sure you felt comfortable with all the information that the team provided?
  • Do they emphasize preventive dentistry? Some of the best dentists in the world are the ones who try to help you avoid dental problems. You want a dentist who is willing to take the initiative to provide treatment that will help you to avoid potential dental problems in the future.
  • How were you treated by the dentist and hygienist? Although you should feel comfortable with the entire staff, you should feel especially comfortable with you dentist and hygienist. It’s important that you find a team you can trust. They should be open with you and take the time to listen and answer any questions you may have regarding your dental care.

If you are looking for a fun and friendly Country Club Plaza dentist, contact Thomas L. Anderson and Associates today! We are a team you and your family can trust!

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