Affordable Dentistry

Is there such a thing as affordable dentistry?  Just that one sentence alone can stir up a heated conversation in even the tamest circles.   The issue is that just those two words can have vastly different meanings from one person to another.

affordable-dentistryAs children, going to the dentist (for a lot of us) meant keeping our fingers crossed so that the dreaded “cavity” word was avoided.  That meant return visits and usually some discomfort, the monetary cost and of course the lecture from one or both parents!  As we aged and dentistry advanced and more preventative treatments were available, those visits were dreaded less and less.  Unfortunately, those fillings we had done as children are not a lifetime fix, and must be maintained.

Affordable dentistry can mean many things to many different people.  For example, as a parent, it might mean you are always taking care of the children first and putting your own dental needs on the back burner.  Sometimes that means just waiting until you have “better” dental insurance, full coverage dental insurance or any insurance at all. Or it could be that day that one or more of your teeth begin to hurt a little, but you put off that phone call to your dental office hoping that discomfort will subside.  Sometimes, it just means that you have been considering some cosmetic dentistry or Invisalign to improve or enhance your smile.

dental-officeHaving dental finance options can make affordable dentistry more attainable to a wider array of patients.  Deciding on how to proceed with any dental treatment needs can be determined by your budget.  Dental insurance provided by your employer which covers a variety of services and is not just limited to one type is the most helpful.  However, not all full coverage dental insurance insurance plans are the same and sometimes the cost of paying for the insurance is not returned in the benefits it provides. There are also individual plans available, but again, may not cover as much as you may think.  It is important to find out what kind of coverage the dental plan provides and how much annually you are allowed to use. Also, finding out if there are any waiting periods or other restrictions that would surprise you later. 

The costs and limitations of dentistry can determine how each patient decides to move forward with their treatment progression.  Making dentistry affordable can be spreading out the dental work to be done over a time span that allows for the insurance to renew each year. We have found by providing interest free financing for our patients allows them to continue with their treatments.  Keeping up with the ever changing dental insurance coverages and knowing the questions to ask helps our patients to be aware of the full benefits of their plan.  This allows them to make the most informed decisions and use their insurance to make affordable dentistry an option.  For more information about how our offices work with dental insurance, please visit

affordable-dentistryBy having treatment options and plans, our patients can decide for themselves what works best for them and their budgets.  Some patients elect to have all their treatment done as soon as possible to avoid any extended treatment which could result from waiting too long to restore a tooth.  To them, that is affordable dentistry because even though it may have a higher cost to them now, it means they will not have more unexpected costs later.  We will work with our patients in all different scenarios to find what works best for them, while providing them all the necessary information so that they may make their own informed choices and decisions. 

For some, affordable dentistry means doing as much treatment in each visit in order to avoid missing any extra work which could be even more cost prohibitive. For others, that may mean just fixing the one area of the mouth or tooth that is bothering them. It could be that you fall in the category of only needing a couple fillings, but we try to make sure you only have to meet your deductible once instead of over two years. Maybe you lost a tooth in the past and are now trying to replace it in the best way for you, be that with a removable partial or fixed bridge or implant. Again, if you understand all of your options, you can make an informed decision that works best for you.

As a dental office, we have learned over many years that not everyone proceeds with their dental needs and desires in the same way. And part of our job is to provide options for every individual as necessary.  Affordable dentistry means many things to many people and having options for our patients is one of the services we provide and are very proud to offer.  Expecting everyone to address their dental needs the same way is archaic and does not give people the service they need and want.

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