Affordable Dental Implants… Cost Less Than You Think


Having to have a tooth removed can be a traumatic experience. 

Actually, let me start over…

The traumatic part of having a tooth removed, can be the fear of what it will be like to be without it! 

Can it be replaced?  Yes!

Will it ever look normal again?  Yes! (See below)

And maybe the scariest question of them all… What will it cost?



We’ve discussed ways to replace teeth in past blogs. But, in today’s blog, we’ll be focusing onthe cost difference between dentistrys permanently placed options, like implants, mini dental implants and bridges.

The common thought for most people seems to be that implants are more expensive. The process of replacing the root of your missing tooth with a titanium implant… this futuristic treatment must be more expensive, right?  So, how much do dental implants cost? Actually, the cost of implants is very close to the cost of bridges… about $3000. And usually both are around half or less after insurance benefits are deducted.

Theres more to cost that needs to be considered than just the initial upfront cost.

My family is currently in the market for a minivan.  My wife struggles with this, but the fact of the matter is unless we start drawing straws to see who has to get left behind or rides in the trunk, we need an automobile with enough space to seat the entire family.  So once we get past the sticker shock of what cars cost nowadays (much like dental work, unfortunately), we figured out the vans we could afford and started researching the future cost of ownership.  Fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and reliability all add up over time. Whichbmakes going with what sometimes seems to be the best deal initially, turn out to be the more expensive and stressful choice.

Luckily, people study cars and there is an amazing amount of statistics, facts, and figures that can be found on the internet to help us make the best choice. 

The same goes for dental treatments.  And studies show that implants and mini dental implants have the highest success rate of ANY treatment in dentistry lasting an average of 10 years: 97% Success Rate!!!  A bridge for example, has an 81-91% success rate lasting 10 years.  Longevity isnt the only advantage to implants. When you consider “how much do dental implants cost” there are other factors to think aboout including…

·         No damage to neighboring teeth; bridges and partials rely on other teeth in your mouth for support

·         Less risk of cavities and root canal treatments on adjacent teeth; no need to prep for crowns/abutments or attach clasps

·         Easier to clean area; can still floss normally

·         Improved esthetics of teeth

·         Maintains bone in area; maintains facial esthetics, does not allow bone resorption

·         Less temperature sensitivity/pain of adjacent teeth

·         Decreased risk of tooth loss of adjacent teeth

·         Because they last longer; you will need to shell out less money over time

Of course, every patient is different.  Implants and mini dental implants might range from the best option, all the way to not even an option depending on many factors. 

We have doctors at Thomas Anderson and Associates that will be working hard to make sure you have all of the necessary information to make the best decision for you when considering affordable dental implants and other treatments, both now, and in the future.

Having to have a tooth removed can be a traumatic experience. 

Actually, let me restate that…

Having a tooth removed at Dr. Thomas L Anderson and Associates isnt as scary as you might think, just ask Hannah S., who gave us this review on July 8, 2014…

“I had a wisdom tooth pulled and it was the best experience for a dental appointment. I didn’t feel a thing, they made me feel relaxed, and the procedure was really fast. Today the swelling is at a minimum and my pain is under control. Definitely a wonderful dental office!”

How Much do Dental Implants Cost?? Less Than You Think!!

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