6 Reasons Why People Want Veneers

A Look Into The Process of Choosing Veneers

There are many reasons why people choose dental veneers to makeover their smile. We have chosen to focus on what we believe to be the top six reasons why people make this choice. 

(1.) Decayed and broken teeth is one of the number one reasons people choose veneers.

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(2.) Crowded teeth treatment and reverse smiles are another reason many people choose veneers.













(3.) People choose to close gap in teeth, especially the front teeth. For some, this is very important and veneers are a great answer to the question of “how to close gaps in teeth?”
















(4.) People with heavy, permanent teeth stains choose to enhance and brighten their smile with veneers.












(5.) Many people choose to get veneers to lengthen teeth and create a more symmetrical smile with this type of teeth restorations.









(6.) When previous teeth restorations have failed and the gums have pulled away to show an unsightly black edging around the tooth, veneers are a choice to restore teeth and the appearance of the smile.











Many people come into the office with questions about the steps of getting veneers, veneers price or have fears of this type of dental work. Below, we will walk you through several steps of the veneer process in order to hopefully ease nerves and answer some questions.

One of the first steps in the process is to get diagnostics of the patient. Impressions and photos are taken to map out what the final teeth restorations will look like before preparing the teeth.
















Once diagnostics have been done, the patient will come back to begin the actual process of preparing the teeth. During this appointment, the teeth will be prepared for the veneers and temporary veneers will be placed. The doctor will then discuss shape, contour, and shade with that patient so that the temporaries and final veneers will be to the patient’s satisfaction.
















After the teeth have been prepared, the impressions taken and models created, the impressions are sent to the lab. The lab then creates the final veneers based upon the information provided by the doctor.
















Once the lab has finished creating the veneers, the doctor will place them. At this appointment, post-op photos will also be taken. After this appointment there may be a following appointment to check the final outcome of the teeth restorations.















All of the people shown in the photos below demonstrate examples of the “Six Reasons People Want Veneers” … and all were actual veneer patients at our office. Below, you will see each of their before and after shots. 

Decayed and broken teeth























Crowded teeth and reverse smile…























Close gap in teeth























Permanent stains on teeth























Short and unsymmetrical teeth…























Failed previous restoration of teeth























As you can see, there are several reasons people choose a veneer smile. When a patient visits one of our offices, our goal is to help them in any way we can. When you are unhappy with your smile, you are less likely to share it with others. Enhancing your teeth will make it much easier for you to express your joy through smiling. We want to help you because, everyone deserves to have the confidence to smile!