5 Tips to Improve Your Dental Hygiene


Have you ever thought about what is occurring in your mouth while you are sleeping? Well, a lot of stuff goes on in your mouth while you are catching some Z’s. While you are snoozing, bacteria is hanging out in your mouth and multiplying. But don’t let the thought of nasty cavity causing bacteria, plaque, tartar, or gingivitis keep you from sleeping like a baby!! There are many ways to help to improve your dental hygiene!


Here are 5 tips to make sure your nighttime routine is helping to improve your dental hygiene!

  1. BRUSH BEFORE BED. Brushing your teeth before bed will help to decrease the chances of plaque build-up, decay, and gingivitis (gum disease). If you have a known case of gingivitis or are particularly prone to cavities it is recommended that you brush directly following dinner and again before bed. It is also important to use good form when brushing. Talk with Dr. Anderson and his expert dental team about the proper brushing motion to ensure you are getting the most out of your brushing!
  2. FLOSS, FLOSS, FLOSS! Flossing removes food particles and plaque buildup while it’s still soft. If this debris stays on the teeth, bacteria will increase throughout the night and feed off them while you’re sleeping. Hardened plaque will turn into tartar, and tartar can only be removed by a hygienist or dentist during a professional cleaning. For most people, flossing once a day before bed will do the trick. But for those with a history of gingivitis, it is recommended to floss more often. Again, check with Dr. Anderson and his expert dental team to have them show you the proper way to floss.
  3. USE MOUTHWASH. Mouthwash is used to freshen-up your breath; however, therapeutic mouth rinses contain ingredients to help strengthen your teeth and fight against bacteria. Rinsing with a therapeutic mouth rinse will help to improve your dental hygiene. Be careful, because some mouthwashes can contain ingredients that dry your mouth out and cause other problems. Discuss what type of mouthwash is right for you with the expert dental team at Thomas L. Anderson and Associates.
  4. WATCH OUT FOR GRINDING. Many of us are unaware that we are grinding our teeth at night. Signs that you are grinding include worn enamel, tooth and jaw pain, or torn cheek tissue. Although Dr. Anderson cannot stop this habit, he can create a custom mouth guard to help protect your teeth at night.
  5. TRY ELECTRIC. The rotating and oscillating movement of the electric toothbrush head removes plaque from your teeth more efficiently than a regular toothbrush.

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Although you can’t visit Dr. Anderson’s office every day, it is important to see him and his expert team regularly for a check-up and cleaning to maintain good dental hygiene. Your dentist and hygienist will help you keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy over the long run. Remember, preventive care and maintenance are just as important for a healthy mouth as good daytime and nighttime dental hygiene. Keep these 5 tips in mind to help guard your mouth against those nasty bacteria that are awake while you aren’t!

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