3 Easy Ways to Receive Affordable Dentistry

Somebodys_reason_to_smile.pngA beautiful smile is the morning sunshine that opens your personality to millions of possibilities. Everybody is magnetized to dazzling smiles. A vibrant smile personifies youth and happiness.

Not everyone has a beautiful smile. Many people suffer from broken, chipped, or missing teeth that causes them to “hold back” when pictures are taken. They smile with closed lips and rob themselves of millions of little thank you’s that their smile gives because they feel their smile is unattractive. Many of them would restore their smile if they could, but feel that dentistry is so expensive.  

It is true that certain types of dentistry are expensive… but not all types. There are ways to take care of your teeth and smile so you can have affordable dentistry. This article outlines 3 easy steps anyone can take to receive affordable dentistry and the beautiful teeth you have always wanted.


Step 1: Affordable Dentistry, Great Home Care

Affordable dentistry starts with home care. In order for you to obtain affordable dentistry, you have to start to do the heavy lifting. You have to make the commitment to brush your teeth really well twice each day. You have to floss your teeth really well once each day. Finally, you have to rinse your mouth (after you brush) with Listerine Cool Mint (…it stings but hang on) for 30 seconds, two times each day. Nothing helps you obtain affordable dentistry quicker than toothpaste, floss, Listerine, and some good old fashioned brushing. Use whitening toothpaste for a little extra bonus on tough stains and your smile will thank you. Teeth and gums will start to look healthy. Your mouth will feel fresh and invigorated. Impeccable home care kills and slows the progress of decay and gum disease and buys you time to have any necessary dental procedures performed. By starving your mouth germs of a food source, you effectively have made affordable dentistry possible because you have extended the clock on how long it takes to get your work done.


Step 2: Affordable Dentistry, Dental Insurance

Dental insurance helps make affordable dentistry possible. Dental insurance has a yearly maximum. This is what they will pay each year toward your dental care. They have a one-time per year deductible. It is usually $50 or $100 dollars. Finally, they have 3 categories of payment. Preventive Care (cleanings and x-rays) is usually covered at 100%; Restorative Care (fillings) is usually covered at 80%; and Major Care (crowns) are usually covered at 50%.

Dental insurance mixes well with affordable dentistry because your dental insurance company will pay for a lot of your care. Also, your part is discounted because your dental insurance negotiates a lesser overall fee with your dental care provider. If you need a considerable amount of dentistry, the best way to obtain affordable dentistry, is to use your dental insurance up to its maximum each year. This is best done by obtaining the most critical services first and then delaying less important treatments for later or the next year. This approach allows you to use several years of dental insurance benefits to pay for your needed dental care. It is important to remember that if you follow this approach, it is imperative that you “do your part” by Brushing, Flossing and using Listerine each day.


Step 3: Affordable Dentistry, Find a Dental Home

The dental office you choose needs to care about you… it should be your dental home. Going to the dentist is not usually at the top of most people’s list, but it should be a place where the dental team genuinely cares about you. How do you know this? You know it because you can feel it! Your dental home doesn’t lecture you, like your parents. They encourage you and coach you when you need help and education about your dental health. They help you come up with a game plan for your dental care that helps your teeth look great and is conducive to your time schedule and your budget. They will take care of you when YOU want to schedule your appointments and they are there for YOU in case you ever have a dental emergency. Having a dental home that is happy and caring will help you achieve affordable dentistry because you will show up for your regularly scheduled appointments… and when you do that, you tend to be more proactive with your at-home dental care. You will be able to intercept small problems before they become big problems; which always translates into fewer overall treatment costs.


Affordable dentistry has always been around. Affordable dentistry starts with you and the choices you make. By committing to take great care of your teeth at home and finding the right dental team, you can keep your teeth, and the beautiful smiles that you’ll be happy to share, for a lifetime.

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