10 clear reasons to go with Invisalign over braces

Straight teeth have been a basic desire of man since ancient times.  We have used catgut, gold bands, and various other metals and contraptions throughout time to try and achieve Invisalign-innvisible-bracesthat perfect smile.  In the 1900s traditional braces were developed and for those teenagers whose parents had the means, a two year journey of embarrassment and discomfort became a rite of passage.  Luckily, today people of all ages can comfortably straighten their teeth without the need for an unsightly mouth full of metal thanks to Invisalign. 

Just as the name suggests, Invisalign orthodontics offers a clear, virtually invisible teeth aligner.  The following is a list of benefits for choosing Invisalign braces as your tooth alignment method.

1.      (1) No food restrictions.  Because the trays are taken out when eating, the patient can eat the same foods they did before getting fitted for Invisalign.

2.      (2) No need to visit an orthodontist.  Patients get fitted for Invisalign trays by their regular dentist. Once a mold is made of the teeth it is sent in to Invisalign where they produce a series of trays that gradually move the teeth into their proper position.

3.      (3) Can approximate the treatment duration more precisely than with braces.  Computers and lasers are involved in making the series of aligner trays.  Traditional braces use the orthodontist’s experience and feel more than modern technology. See Invisalign before and after pictures: -Smile Gallery: Invisalign Invisible Braces

4.     (4) Avoid extraction of premolars by creating interdental space via interproximal reduction.  In layman terms – no need to pull teeth.

5.     (5) Less frequent trips to the dental chair by allowing the patients to replace their aligners on their own every few weeks.  Depending on the patient and their progress, some patients can go home with multiple trays to swap out on their own every few weeks, thus allowing for fewer trips to the dental office.Straighten-teeth

6.      (6) Healthier periodontal tissue and less risk of enamel decalcification by avoiding brackets.  There is also no risk of teeth breaking when removing the brackets on traditional braces.

7.      (7) Esthetics: Clear aligners are difficult to see, and therefore are hardly noticeable, allowing patients to smile with greater confidence.  This is particularly beneficial to older or post-teen patients.

8.     (8) More comfortable than braces.  Invisalign trays do not rub and chafe the inner mouth like braces do.  And since there are no wires, there is no chance the orthodontist can over tighten causing pain from too much tension.  Invisalign trays are scientifically designed to systematically and precisely move teeth into their correct position more gently than braces. 

9.     (9) Overall better dental hygiene.  Getting food particles caught in braces is just a part of the deal.  With Invisalign trays, patients are advised to brush their teeth prior to reinserting the trays.  And since they are removed prior to eating, it is virtually impossible to trap food in the teeth or trays if used as directed.

10. (10) No chance of discoloring teeth with Invisalign.  With traditional braces it is possible to have the tooth discolored where the bracket was attached if the patient is not vigilant in brushing their teeth.  This can be a problem particularly for younger patients, especially if they are prone to eating lots of sweets.  Once the tooth becomes discolored, it is impossible to correct without having to go through the additional cost of veneers.

As you can see, Invisalign teeth aligners are your “clear” choice over braces.  Some users have even reported weight loss due to snacking less while wearing the aligners.  So now there is absolutely no reason to be afraid or embarrassed while you obtain the perfect smile you have always desired.

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